Healthy Causes of Stress

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The authors, researchers at the Biological Psychiatry Branch, Bethesda, used data to study the effects of healthy stressors by analyzing the happy and sad responses by 11 healthy women when they were made to recall happy and sad occurrences in their lives. The participants were scanned by using PET and H2(15)O. Although the number of participants was limited, the results they found correlated with their hypothesis that healthy causes of stress produced significant changes in their brain regions which defined their emotional state. These changes included great reductions in cortical rCBF, right prefrontal, and bilateral temporal-parietal regions. This research will be helpful in demonstrating how healthy stressors affect brain activity and what regions of the brain undergo changes during the course of remembering and undergoing positive causes of stress.
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The author of this article has very successfully provided some very good information regarding stress management with a special focus on positive stressors. He has listed some examples of healthy causes of stress like marriage, job interview, starting college, childbirth, and buying a large ticket item. The author has raised an important point that it is our perception of stress that makes a stressor a good or a bad one. Changing our perception can convert a bad stressor into a positive one. The author gives the example of losing a job which might seem like a disaster but it may be perceived as a healthy stressor when one thinks about other opportunities. The article is well organized, easy to understand, and considerable detail has been given describing each positive stressor, which will be quite helpful in conducting our research.
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In this periodical, the author has emphasized the importance of healthy stressors and states that a little quantity of good stress is healthy for our lives. It is an informative article that starts with the definition of good stress and explains some healthy causes of stress and their effects. It is a general informative article that gives some basic information that will be helpful in starting out research. The tone of the author is casual and the article is well structured.