Health Sciences and Medicine

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Subsequently, making sure that people access the information necessary for making principled decisions concerning their individual, private health, is also a crucial aspect of public health. On the other hand, the focus of private health tends to be about every person’s health care, as well as health care decisions (Valorie amp. Gavin, 2009). Nonetheless, ensuring that individuals have access to healthcare that is affordable happens to be in public health’s interest. For instance, if individuals are incapable of accessing affordable immunizations, this leads to the public health threat of an epidemic when a number of people do not get the immunization. Therefore, if someone is incapable of seeking care when something is easily treatable since they lack health insurance with the hope that the problem will go away, and only eventually go to the emergency room when they are gravely ill, it blocks emergency rooms, making emergency rooms, as well as hospitals less available for others, while at the same time, increasing overall health costs for everyone, thereby making it a public health problem (Valorie amp. Gavin ,2009). …
t. of human resources, for instance, the number, along with qualifications of personnel. and of the organizational structure, for instance, medical staff, methods of reimbursement, organization, and methods of peer review. On the other hand, process refers to what is done in providing and obtaining care, i.e. the activities of practitioners in making a diagnosis, recommendation or implementation of treatment, or other interrelation with the patient. Finally, outcome measures try to explain the impacts of care on the health status of patients, as well as populations. Enhancement in the patient’s knowledge, along with salutary changes surrounding the patient’s behavior might be involved under a broad definition of outcome, thereby representing the degree of the satisfaction of the patient with care (Valorie amp. Gavin, 2009).