Health Related Conditions and High Lipid Consumption

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Obesity is linked with conditions such as heart diseases, psychological issues such as depression as well as esteem issues.
Secondly, cancer is another negative health effect of overconsumption of lipids. Cancer reduces the life expectancy of the individuals in question not mentioning the cost of health incurred in managing and treating the disease (Steyn &amp. Damasceno, 2006).

High consumption of lipids also results in atherosclerosis that is responsible for the thickening of the arteries. This explains that the flow of blood will be hampered. In such a case, the individual in question is prone to suffer from a stroke or heart attack (Steyn &amp. Damasceno, 2006). The lifestyle of the individual will automatically change and incur high costs to maintain their condition. The weight of such persons is also expected to reduce considerably. Such persons are also prone to other infections especially heart-related infections.
In conclusion, consumption of foods that are high in lipids is linked with obesity, cancers and heart infections. It is therefore recommended that all foods must be evaluated based on the levels of lipids prior to consumption.