Health Promotion Pressure Sores Among Elderly Clients in a Nursing Homes

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Health was an approach and philosophy of care that reflected on the multiple factors that affected health and encouraged people to add value, independence and individual choice of decisions.The key principles of health promotion include. the population in regard to everyday life rather than specific diseases existing in the world. It also focuses on the causes or the determinants of health that ensure that the total environment is beyond the control of individuals and is appropriate for their health. The other principles of health promotion are communication, education, legislation, fiscal measures organizational change, community development as well as the local activities that are aimed at avoiding hazard from occurring within an organization (Naidoo, and Wills, 2000:91).The elderly persons are considered to be persons that do not fully participate in the growth and development of a country. They use up the resources and perform no useful function within their organizations. However, elderly persons are not always in the homogeneous group in society. These people can be assisted by nurses to accept their situation and also maintain their dignity and independence as they live in the community. As people age, their body parts tend to deteriorate due to factors such as pathological status that exist within the body and the lack of use of particular systems within the body. The rate of deterioration of the body organs can be reduced by doing regular exercises and changing eating habits such as avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol (Squire, 2002:75).Pressure sores are some of the medical problems that affect elderly persons. These people develop sores that are very painful that result from prolonged pressure on an area on the body that has got bony prominence and the thin convening of the flesh.