Health facility maintenance

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Health Facility Maintenance YourFirst YourLast Introduction MEPM (Medical Equipment Preventative Maintenance) is a timetable of scheduled maintenance activities that include lubrication, equipment inspection, calibration and recalibration among other actions. The processes involved are intended to prevent machinery and equipment breakdown prior to them occurring (Stahl, 2004). MEPM activities come with numerous benefits among them significant optimal resource application through saving of costs and time.
When machines are used over a long period, they wear and tear. Wearing and tearing of biomedical machines can lead to decreases in the levels of efficiency. Wear and tear additionally reduces the usable life of machines and other medical equipment. Regular maintenance of medical equipment ensures that energy is conserved and that the equipment usable life is extended leading to optimal efficiency. Maintenance also allows defects to be detected early, thereby preventing emergency repairs that affect the smooth running of activities.
Most Medical equipment is used to attend to people. Lack of maintenance can cause serious injuries to both the operators and the patients being attended to. Inadequacy in the hospital or medical equipment can cause more problems if not maintained regularly. For any avoidance of injury, it is of paramount importance that medical administration individuals ensure that equipment are maintained at the top most standards. In this regard, the hospital management can schedule regular maintenance checks for those machines that are seldom used, therefore keeping the machinery as good as new.
Safe Work Practices
Machinery maintenance is only one part of ensuring that accidents do not happen. On the other hand, staff members need to be trained on equipment safe work practices to avoid catastrophes. Having a machine working in the best condition is not enough. Individuals working on them need to know the best way of working with them to avoid wrongful use.
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