Health Care Reform in the United States

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Most of these eligibility cases rise because of immigration status, citizenship, and income. Only the immigrants legally in the country can buy the health insurance through the exchanges, these include the refugees, people on workers and the student’s visas, and the immigrants with green cards (Goodnough, 2014, p.13).
The article provides a national perspective as its focus the immigrants in the United States and their failure to provide legal documents. The article states that the issue of eligibility is mainly in Florida and Texas that happen to have the largest number of immigrants.
The information in the article affects many people living in the United States as it slows down the process of acquiring health insurance. The immigrants face a greater problem as according to the administration most of these cases arise from the provision of wrong information by the immigrants. By 5th September, the immigrants should submit their documents failure to which they will lose the health care insurance. The provision of fraudulent information and the carelessness of the administration results in the cases of eligibility, these, in turn, affects all the citizens of the United States in the process of acquiring health insurance.
The article provides solutions for the immigrants to avoid losing their health insurance. these include the provision of immigration and citizenship documents by the immigrants. All immigrants in the country should provide the required legit information in order to avoid losing their health insurance (Goodnough, 2014, p.13).