Health Care Marketing in Practice

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Many of the US citizens are without health insurance and when they get ill either they do not find the best treatment or they cannot afford the cost. Moreover, the medical facility and cost vary from place to place. The present study deals with the current strategic positioning of Abbott Northwest Hospital and their marketing plans.
Abbott Northwestern Hospital was established in the year 1882 as Northwestern Hospital for Women and Children. It is one of the largest hospitals in the twin cities. It is recognized both nationally and locally for its exceptional service and expertise. Every year the hospital provides services to about more than 200,000 patients along with their families across the twin city and Upper Midwest. It serves in the women and child care segment (Hospital overview, n.d.). The website of the hospital provides all the necessary information for the patients. The visiting (Visiting us, n.d.) information provides the patients and their families with the address, direction, visiting hours, transportation and campus view of the hospital. The website also provides information regarding the food and accommodation available, services provided for the international patients and preregistration requirements. Apart from these, the hospital website gives a clear view of the products and services they render. If a patient is suffering from a certain type of illness and does not know which department to refer then they might visit the website and fill up the details present in the Provider (Find a Provider, n.d.) section. Overall the website is very much user-friendly and convenient.
The reason behind choosing this healthcare organization is that they have achieved success in the healthcare segment by providing differential advantage among the healthcare market.