Health Care Case Discussion

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gh the doctor may ne incapacitated to save the life of some patients, such patients expect the medical practitioners to employ their professional aptitude wholly in their endeavor to safeguard the wellbeing of patients.
As such, it is in the interest of the physician to settle on resolving the challenges of the patient. Legal and professional code of conduct mandates the physician to settle on medication to administer to his or patients. Additionally, it is upon such physicians to administer the medication to patients, in their ultimate endeavor to alleviate the sufferings of such patients (Cohen, 2013). However, the professional and the legal codes of conducts allows for the patient’s autonomy. Patients have an entitlement to decide on their treatment modes and communicate with the physician, based on their physical and mental soundness. This ought to be in line with the health practitioners’ professional mode of treatment administration while following the preset professional and legal aspects of such treatments.
This should be in response to the best interests of the patients. As such, the physicians ought to investigate carefully the health challenges that the patient may be going through, and endeavor to alleviate the patients’ challenges. Ethical and professional misconduct in the medical field has serious devastating impacts to the subsistence of the patients, as well as the professional development of such physicians (Cohen, 2013). The physicians may also be compelled to undergo through numerous unwarranted legal challenges.
In the case involving Dr. Contadina and Joe, the physician appeared to have neglected the professional objectives by failing to examine carefully the health predicament that Joe was going through. It was evident that Joe had his total reliance on the doctor, and could not envisage any malice from Dr. Contadina. As such, Joe followed the instructions of the physician fully without questioning her procedure. In this case,