Health Care Analysis

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nal environment. apart from this issue, the various stages of the implementation of the specific computer application will be also presented in this report (as analytically as possible). At the same time the advantages of this system and its overall impact on the performance of the East London Clinic but also on the development of the knowledge management of the health care sector will be explained. Any necessary modification made to the system prior to its implementation in the specific organization is identified and evaluated taking into account the characteristics of the particular industrial sector and the position of the firm within its industry.The Interactive Order System is among the computer applications that were implemented in the East London Clinic the last 2 years aiming to support the improvement of the services provided to clients and contribute to the limitation of the time required for the completion of various tasks. The implementation of the specific computer application was completed a month ago. Since then, despite the relatively short term, a significant improvement has been observed in the delivery of orders and the assignment of tasks to the doctors/ nurses across the Clinic. The specific system offers to the employees of the administrative department of the Clinic the ability to accept the orders quickly (by choosing among existed forms) and save the data received into easy to identify folders – the system provides a set of pre-structured choices (tasks/ categories) being adapted to the needs of each particular healthcare organization. One of the most important characteristics of this system is its interactive feature – i.e. the ability offered to customers/ patients to communicate directly with the administrators in the Clinic placing their order for specific healthcare services. It is the specific feature that has helped towards the improvement of the performance of the East London Clinic (increase of the number of orders received,