Health Campaign to Create Awareness on the Increasing Obesity and Its IllEffects

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The chief objectives of Healthy People 2010 are: (1) to increase the quality and years of healthy life for everyone—to add years to our lives and life to our years, and (2) to eliminate health disparities so that all people have access to better healthcare and opportunities (Healthy People 2010-Overweight and Obesity, 2001, 1). With 28 areas of main focus and 467 identified objectives, there are 10 health indicators that have been zeroed on, to indicate and also effectively measure, the overall US health scenario. Amongst the 28 main areas of focus, overweight and obesity are of primary importance within the section covering nutrition.
Healthy People 2010 have been designed by a Federal agency, with support from 350 national membership organizations and 250 state health, mental health, substance abuse, and environmental agencies (ibid). Besides these, there are also websites where one can communicate to give and receive information. and there are also meetings organised at the various regional and national levels to make this health campaign a success. The draft to this campaign also took into account 11000 comments from the public forum, to give it a balanced overview.
A specific issue and nationally identified health objective: The main aim of the Healthy People 2010 campaign is to increase the overall health factor of the average US citizen. Rising obesity is a major problem causing grave concerns in the medical fraternity, as obesity is also associated with various other health complications, like diabetes, heart ailments, and arthritis, amongst many others. This health campaign is mainly aimed to decrease the percentage of children, adolescents and also adults, suffering from obesity and overweight problems. The objective of this programme would be to reduce the risk of obesity by assisting people to eat balanced meals, less caloric food, and also to increase the level of physical activities.
A look at our national health record would show us that, today, USA is facing a major health crisis, in the form of obesity and overweight.