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STUDENT_______________________________________HCD 1025FINAL PROJECTProf. Martin HyattCompletion of this project demonstrates that you have the ability to do a high-level college research paper full of strong critical, sociological, cultural and/or historical implications.This project demonstrates that you are a college-level writer capable of skills that are essential before you move forward in both your educational and professional lives.TOPICSUsing the research you have already done, drawing on the information you have compiled and the writing you have produced in the first two essays, please complete a final research paper based on one of the following topics:1.How did these two people (the writer and the artist/musician) influence society?2.What is the unique connection that these two people (the writer and the artist/musician) share?OR 3.  Present your own research question/thesis!
These must be approved first.Please use the following outline to complete the paper.I.Introduction. Introduce your question.(1 paragraph)II.Briefly discuss both people.(1 paragraph)III.Discuss the visual artist/musician in more detail. (4 paragraphs)IV.Discuss the writer in more detail.(4paragraphs)V.Explore the answer to your question. Remember, the question is:“How did these two people (the writer and the artist) influence society?”OR “What is the unique connection that these two people (the writer and the artist) share?”Also, remember, do not use “I”.Draw conclusions based on your research. (2 pages)VI.Conclusion. (1 paragraph)The paper MUST:1. 5-7 pages typed, double-spaced2. Contain at least six in-text, MLA citations3. Contain at least six sources in a Works Cited Page.4. THIS PAPER MUST BE MLA FORMATTED.  Please note that failure to incorporate all these elements of a standard research paper will affect your grade._______________________________________________________________________