Hazard Class 2 Methyl Chloride

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Explain why potassium phosphide is in Division 4.3. How would you fight a fire involving potassium phosphide? How far should you evacuate people in the case of a small spill?In division 4.3 we have the materials which are dangerous, when in contact with water, and liable to become spontaneously flammable or to give off flammable or toxic gas at a rate of gt. 1L/kg of material/hr.6. You are an emergency responder called to a traffic accident at night where a truck has overturned. The placard on the truck is labeled 2495. You have access to the web through a wireless connection so you can get an MSDS, DOT Emergency Response Guide, or any other information you need. The contents of the truck are observed to be leaking and diesel fuel from the truck has been spilled.10. Recycling of PET soft drink bottles involves heating with methanol and an acid catalyst to liberate ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate (methyl ester of phthalic acid). These can then be used as monomers to make new PET products. Write an equation for this recycling reaction.12. Write a balanced chemical equation for the complete combustion of toluene (C7H8). Calculate the heat released when one gram of toluene burned. How many liters of carbon dioxide at 20 oC and 750 tours are produced when one gallon of toluene is burned?20. A carrier has to deliver 500 lbs of acetonitrile in 10 cans. What is the complete description of the material on the shipping papers? Is a placard required?