Has the National Literacy Hour Affected Childrens Desire to Read for Pleasure

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This result of this paper will provide ample information to the teachers and educational policy makers regarding the effective facilitation of the national literacy hour program. This will make them reevaluate the current scenario in their respective schools and see if they are still providing efficient and effective learning undertaking to the primary school students. This paper will also prove beneficial to all other aspiring teachers. With the information presented in his study, aspiring teachers will be enlightened as to the proper ways of handling and/or managing the primary classes and in following with the national literacy hour program. They will be given enough idea on which effective ways to use on various classroom situations. They will acquire valuable techniques on how to maintain the best possible educational outcome for the students.
Lastly, this research study will surely be beneficial to other interested researchers. If the topic will be on educational outcomes and/or educational system, this paper is a good starting point or basis to conducting their own research undertaking related to the national literacy hour program. More so, the said national literacy hour program would require extra time in the school curriculum. Thus there is a need for more time resources to facilitate the required learning for the pupils. Extra hand may also be required because for the proper handling and management of group discussions of the pupils.,