Has Technology Made Us Lazier

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New age technology which we apprehend in the twenty-first century, has completely changed the way we perceive life. Not only is a life much simpler in certain aspects, but life now has a marked demeanour which was completely inconceivable even 100 years back. One very important and very perceivable wonder that technology has achieved in recent times is the envisaging of globalisation, where the world has visibly shrunk, in terms other than referring to the earth’s size. Today technology, in a literal sense, has managed to place the entire world within the palms of a human hand. This is however just the glorious part in the chapter on technology, and a closer look will reveal that the entire story is not so rosy, after all. There is also a darker vista that remains hidden behind all the pomp and glory that is typically portrayed, a dark facet that shows a technology-dependent human mind becoming useless. Too much reliance on technology also tends to make man lazier, thus he becomes physically incompetent too, and which is now quite prominent in the rising cases of child and adult obesity problems, that we see all around us. So we stand at a crossroad, where we will have to decide and take the reins of our future into our own hands. We will have to make a decision as to whether technology should be allowed to take over our lives, completely. This article will examine both the positive and negative effects of technology on our lives and will discuss what our future will look like if indeed we allow technology to become our master. It will explore the possibilities as to whether technology is actually making us suffer from obesity, both mentally and physically. A brief history of technology: From the beginnings of human society on earth, human beings have struggled to survive and flourish, and they have used technology as an aid in the struggle (Ferkiss, 1993, 1). The first man-made technologicalinnovation was fire, which was predominantly used, in the pre historic era, to scare away wild animals. however, some scholars opine that a very crudely created hand axe use for hunting animals is probably the first technological invention of man.