Hallow International School

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Why I Chose Hallow International School: Hong Kong
Hallow international school is my first choice for my son’s education. a decisional informed by the fact that I believe that it will provide more than just the normal school experience for him. I have enquired extensively about the school through the website as well as friends whose children have studied there and I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that there is no better place for my son. I firmly believe that education should serve as a doorway for a multiplicity of social cultural and curricular avenues in addition to the formal learning. This diversity is well represented in the Hallow Group of Schools where a tableau of educational experiences, inclusive of intensive sports, music drama and others that are invaluable to a child’s holistic growth are offered. In addition, I take cognizance on the fact that Hong Kong is a highly cosmopolitan country where people from numerous global cultures interact in the course of business and work. The cultural diversity that the school allows due to the multicultural student and staff population is therefore a major incentive. I would like my son to appreciatethe experience of living and interacting with people from other cultures so that he can effectively function both professionally and socially without being limited by social cultural boarders. Finally, the school’s reputation precedes it. everyone I talked to and who has had a child in any of the institutions under Hallow International Schools was very positive about it and they assured me that having my son admitted there would be the best thing I could do for him academically and socially. Given the strength of these compliments and what I have found out for myself, I feel that it is my responsibility as a parent to give my son the best foundation possible and Hallows easily fits and exceeds the bill.