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Computer crimes or cyber crimes are crimes that are committed through the use of computers. We can classify computer crimes into two very broad categories: crimes that are aimed towards networks or computer devices and crimes that are facilitated by the use of computers but where the target is someone or something else and not the network or other devices. These two types of computer crimes have many types and all of them will be elaborated in the paper. Computer Crime that Target Networks or other Computers These types of computer crimes are most important because they are directly related to the invention of computer itself. The creation of computers actually gave birth to such crimes. Other type of computer crimes only use computer and they were being carried out long before computer technology was developed so they have only been increased through computers. But computer crimes that target network are specifically designed to harm or damage systems and networks. Some of these crimes are virus dissemination, worms, denial of service attacks, hacking, Salami attack, credit card theft, electronic funds transfer fraud and spoofing. All of these crimes alongside with their possible damages will be listed below. Virus Dissemination Virus is a program that copies itself and spreads from the host computer to the target computer (Solomon, A. 1995). It is malicious software that attaches itself to other software and then spreads to other computers. Virus attacks are very common and they are usually targeted at networks. Because viruses can multiply they can reduce the speed of your computers. They are attached to programs so when we run programs, viruses run to and in this way they slows the speed of the computers. Viruses can also delete files from a computer system. Actually viruses are custom made so they can do a lot of harm to computers and networks. There are many types of viruses like Worms, Trojan Horses, and Bomb etc. All these viruses use different techniques to harm computers and networks. Worms are similar to viruses but they are separate programs. A virus can be cleaned but in order to remove a worm the file has to be deleted. Trojan Horses are also programs that are disguised as normal programs but when we run them they destroy data and damage computers. Trojan Horses do not self replicate like viruses and worms. An example of the damage that can be caused by a virus is the Melissa Virus of 1999 when Microsoft and large companies had to completely shut down their email systems (Brain, M. 2011). Virus dissemination means to spread viruses from one computer to another in any form. This can harm the computer and corrupt files therefore virus dissemination is included in computer crimes. Viruses serve no useful purpose and are designed to damage computers or networks. They usually delete important files and can cause havoc for companies and households. The spreading power of virus makes them dangerous. Virus dissemination is one of the most common computer crimes of modern technology age. Denial of Service Attacks The Denial of Service Attacks is a computer crime in which attackers flood a particular website or service and prevent legitimate users of the service from using that service (CERT, 2011). Attackers actually flood the service and service is disabled for legitimate users. In Denial of Service attacks many fake requests are