Guy Fawkes Life and Politics

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There is a common consensus both among social scientists and the mass that terrorism is entirely an outcome of political upheaval prevailing in the modern social context. However, looking back into the history of Western social discourse we find several such instances that bear evidence of moderate to extreme acts of terrorism. The Gunpowder Treason (5th November 1605) is one of the most conspicuous shreds of evidence of the fact that terrorism, influenced by different aspects of social life such as oppression and religious orthodoxy, has always existed in the world. Though the development of such understanding is a cumulative and communal process, an individual attempts to rage against any of such policies that violate his own ideologies. A violent form of defiance of such ideologies ultimately gives birth to acts of terrorism, aimed against destroying all forms of socio-political mechanisms which the individual or individuals consider existing in contrary to their respective ideological observations. Such belief of Guy Fawkes and his associates led to the planning of the Gunpowder Treason, by which they attempted to bring an end to the rule of King James I and the new policies that he wished to implement for further development of the English society during the 1600s.

Guy Fawkes was born on April 13th, 1970 in York as the only son of Edward Fawkes and Edith Blake. Though his early childhood was quite simple, soon he encountered series of tragedies in the form of death of his father and secret remarriage of his mother in a catholic family (“Guy Fawkes, On the Trail of the Gunpowder Plotters”, 2). Though he was basically from a protestant family, he never really appreciated the protestant religious outlook since his childhood. It seems that the main reasons for his Catholic orientation were his upbringing and education at St. Peter’s School in York. During his education in this school, he came into close proximity with several other students, some of whom, later on, became active participants of the Gunpowder plot.