Gun Control Report

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Mostly, those involved in gun violence may not be gun owners, but might be individuals that have illegal access to guns. Generally, gun ownership tends to be strict upon civilians as many at times individuals with the intention of committing crimes acquire guns with relative ease through illegal means. Therefore, it is import that the government sensitizes the public on matters related to gun ownership before the actual implementation of gun control policies at the legislative stage of governance. Further, this report will give the various statics surrounding the reported numbers of gun related crimes within the urban setups as compared to those in rural areas. Ideally, the number of gun related violence in urban states where there are strict regulations on gun acquisition are higher than the rates in rural areas where gun acquisition is easy (Joe, 2012). Subsequently, the report will be in tandem with the practical approaches applicable in the minimization of gun related crimes at the lowest level of governance to ensure that civilians also play a role in developing safer living environments. The report would also to address the impact of the castle doctrine laws in some states as possible contributors to gun violence. This is in line wit the Institute of Legislative Action under the National Rifle Association as per the provision of the Second amendment in the US Constitution (Davies, 2013). Your sincerely, May 20th 2013 Table of Contents Table of Contents 4 Executive Summary 5 Introduction 5 Problem statement 7 Method 7 Findings 8 Analysis 10 Conclusion 10 References 12 Joe, W., B. (2012). The reality of the Gun Control Debate. Retrieved from 12 Webster, D. W. et al. (2012). The Case for Gun Policy Reforms in America. John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research Press. Retrieved on 20th May 2013 from 12 Appendix 13 Executive Summary Presently, at least thirty thousand people that are part of the American population die because of gun inflicted wounds in which the greatest proportion of this number is young people. Ideally, this aspect has made gun violence be the greatest contributor to the premature demise of the young population of America. On the other hand, the statistics on the number of reported non-fatal gun related crimes amount to close to three hundred and forty seven thousand cases with a minimal number of this people seeking treatment at hospital departments. In essence, the rate of homicide in America is seven times higher than that of other developed economies making it a worrying trend for a good performing economy (Sowell, 2012). Fundamentally, the lack of proper gun laws is the prime reason as to why there is a higher prevalence of gun ownership and higher cases of gun related violent crimes. Further, gun violence also impacts the economy as the US population loses a significant number of the work force to violent deaths while the rest incurs expenses in seeking treatment for the injuries caused by gun violence. The traumatic effect caused by gun violence tends to have an impact on the increase of poverty levels as it tends to influence psychological imbalance for those affected by this tragic event. According to statistics, the average direct or