Guidance Counseling to Students that Are Victims of Bullying

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In certain cases, children often complain of negligence on the part of the teachers to respond to their complaints. Hence efforts to disrupt this practice would be futile unless proper and effective prevention strategies are implemented and strictly observed.
Bullying is an intrinsic element of a school’s social environment. The form of bullying hence changes (and varies) with age and gender. For instance, boys may be inclined towards physical intimidation and name calling while girls on the other hand resort to relational bullying, or verbal bullying and spreading gossips. The basic challenge, in dealing with bullying in schools lies in realizing its existence, and significance as well as its all-pervasive nature. The discriminatory behavior of students, in school premises, entails clashes among the pupils. which the teachers might be ignorant of or uninformed about its brutality and/or frequency. Victims of bullying are more often than not, signify a high level of vulnerability as compared to their counterparts. They are either physically weak or viewed as an outcast owing to their sexual orientation or mannerisms which make them the easy target. The appropriate and timely intervention of teachers/ counsellors is hence essential, to prevent such type of behavior and to safeguard the probable victims of bullying in schools. In order to prevent bullying in schools the teachers must make an effort to observe signs of such a behavior among their students in classrooms, hallways, or cafeterias. and once confirmed must proceed to take strict disciplinary action against the perpetrators of such crime.
The manner in which the menace of bullying is handled in schools depends on the type of programs adopted by them, with respect to its prevention. In some schools, the guidance counseling offered might be a systematic approach while in others itis merely a part of its academic agenda.