Growth and Development Related to School Age Children

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Is Growth and Development related to School age children very important? Children in the age group of five and twelve years come under the category of school age children. Indeed it is a very important time period, since the growth and development of the child takes place continuously. As the child starts to grow a continuous change happens in their body. Hair growth all over the body occurs very rapidly. During this period the child’s muscles, bones as well as skin start to develop and grow, resulting in sexual growth. Most of the children attain puberty by this age. (Vincent 2011)The overall body strength of the child increases which makes them very agile and active. During this period the child starts to gain body weight as well and an appreciable increase in the height which are the noticeable physical changes. It is to be noted that during this age, children require good nutritional diet for maintaining and boosting their growth. (Michael 2010) During the school age most children start to develop very good reading skills and thinking ability along with logical and problem solving skills. This mental development becomes very much pronounced for children right from the age of six. Because of this a child in this age group can easily understand what is happening around them and respond accordingly. (Michael 2010) It is during this period that the child requires good sleep, which helps them to develop mentally and is very good for enhancing their memory as well as increasing their brain power. (Vincent 2011) The school age is a time when the child start to socialize, since they come out of the family network and get exposed to the society. They start to make friends at school with whom, they spend more time and start to share the experiences in life. It is during this time that the child starts to understand how to get along with the people around and also becomes aware, of the social traditions as well as the different customs that are commonly followed. (Andres) Thus it can very well be concluded that the Growth and development related to school age children is a very crucial phase in any child’s life, since the overall development that takes place physically as well as mentally during this time period, matters a lot in cementing the child’s future. It is because of this reason that so much importance is given to a child during the school age and a great deal of parental care is showered upon the child. By doing so the child develops into a healthy and disciplined individual with the right set of qualities, which would help them to lead a very good life and make good use of the opportunities presented before them. (Andres)Works Cited:Iannelli Vincent, Your Eleven to Twelve Year Old – What You Need To Know, School Age Growth and Development, March27, 2011. Retrieved April30, 2011, Michael and Healthwise Staff, Growth and Development, Ages 6 to 10 Years – Common Concerns, April27, 2010. Retrieved April30, 2011 Wagner Andres, Child Growth and Development Toddler through School Age, Retrieved April30, 2011