Grid Technology and The Globus Project

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The Globus Toolkit (now in its 4th version) is a fundamental enabling technology for the ‘Grid’, letting people share computing power, databases, and other tools securely across corporate, institutional, and geographical boundaries without sacrificing local autonomy. (, entry into the Globus Project website is virtually similar to many other open-source code websites in that the main purpose of the actual site is not to be graphically pleasing, but, rather the principal purpose of software development.This analysis of the site will show merit as to the benefits of using just the Globus Toolkit as a major development into the grid anatomy or could it perhaps be better served by alternate technologies such as .NET or CORBA.The Globus site and grid technologies are utilized by many high-end performance sites mainly those that are in need of resources that cannot be handled by just one server, or one computer. Much like SETI’s @home project of using a grid made up of thousands, if not millions, of computers to evaluate millions upon millions of data modules, the grid concept is used in the same capacity. The toolkit is the most important functionality of using grid technology and this is evaluated here with the Globus Project website.As Grid technologies are poised to move into commercial computing, standards become critical. (Lumb 2003) and to compete against such powerhouses software companies such as Windows and Unix, it may prove to be a valuable need that is fulfilled where others fail or come close to failing.