Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology

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´╗┐Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology
In Greece, the geographical location contributed greatly in determining its pre-classical, classical history and myths. These geographical factors have continued to play a significant role in influencing the history even at the medieval period. The Rhodope and Pindus mountains, which in most cases are unreachable, became preferred regions for the hide of the paganism and unorthodoxy, from the interfering of the central government or church set-up. The mountains disheartened land communication, thus limiting political dependency and consequently making the diverse cities become autonomous. Because of the strategic position of Greece to the sea, gulfs, mountais, and valleys, became significant to the cultural as well as the political and the military history of Greece (Smith amp. Anthon 990).
The extensive shoreline in Greece, which comprises of gulfs such as the one of Corinth and Thessalonica, which extends towards the sea, provides a connection as a means of communication with the adjacent areas. This also has enabled the interior provinces of the Balkans contribute to the cultural facilities in the Mediterranean (Smith amp. Anthon 990). The sea also posed as a source of concern on the security matters. The seaborne right of entry from the north, west, and south through the Black sea instilled the Greece, Peloponnese prone to attack, and disarticulation (Larned amp. Reilly 1010). The Greece position on Mediterranean Sea played a momentous role in modifying the climatic conditions thus making its population practice terrace agriculture. The sea also provided a secure environment for trading, making it a rich hub for trading grapes and olives (Larned amp. Reilly 1010).
The presence of mountains played a significant role in the Greek mythology. The myths in the ancient served to unveil how the world was formed and manipulated. The Greeks believed that the primary gods made of Twelve Gods, or dodekatheon resided in mount Olympus (Smith amp. Anthon 990).
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