Greeces Economic Crisis

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2-3). In a research paper of Cardiff Business School the researcher has concluded that the macroeconomic fundamentals like the inflation, the exchange rate arise for Greece which is more than the European average (Arghyrou and Tsoukalas, 2010, p.5). In a research paper of Capitalvia the researcher has opined that the economic situation of Greece and U.S.A. is similar as both of them are depending on the foreign investors for funding of the budget deficit. For the crisis the value of Euro would come down and the fact is that United States’ trade with EU is the highest. As a result the investor would lose confidence on U.S. economy and U.S. economy also would come down. According to this research though the U.S. investors’ investment is low in Greek bonds, if Greece would default the investors would lose money and U.S. economy gets hampered (Capitalvia, 2010, p.11-12). According to a research paper published by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung for improving the economy of Greece the euro countries are providing bridge loan and the tight austerity program introduced in Greece. As the countries are providing loan in a lower rate it is also necessary for them to tight the monetary policy in their countries. As a result the growth would be slow in those countries. As the Euro slow down, as an effect the dollar would go down. Then U.S. also has to tighten its monetary policy and as a result the economy would get hampered (Wagner and Machnowski, 2010, p.2). In a research paper of CEPS the researchers have compared the economic crisis of Argentina in 2001 and the crisis of Greece in 2011. Argentina has defaulted as there was lack of support from the outside of the country. Argentina has tried… The paper tells that the economy of the European Union is facing problem due to this crisis. As the investor is losing their confidence in Euro, the value of the currency is going down. As a remedial measure the governments of the European countries are providing bridge loan and as a result the countries have to tighten the monetary policies. The governments are providing monetary package to the banks which are in problem due to the crisis of Greece. In turn the bank interests come down and the world economy is facing certain problem. As the trade of U.S. is mainly with the European Union countries so the economic crisis of Greece would surely affect U.S. As the European countries are going to tighten their monetary policy for the economic crisis so certainly they would decrease their import and the main trading partner of Euro zone is U.S. The export would get hampered and the economic growth would not be much. As a result U.S. has to tighten its monetary policy and the overall economy of U.S. gets hampered. For the short term remedial measures the European Union countries have to provide loan in low cost to Greece and for long term remedial measures the European zone can take some policies like introducing common Euro bonds. The share of the capital would be as per the share of the countries and the interest rate would be provided by the countries would be like they are providing the interest rate they are providing in the domestic market. For the short term measures Greece should restructure its debt using some process like debt swap.