“Great Depression &amp

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2008 Financial Crisis”you will be expected to research the Great Depression and 2008 Financial Crisis and write a paper, no longer than 10 pages. The focus of the research paper is to explain, in your own words, the causes, effects and commonalities, if they exist. The expectation is that each student will learn about the events leading up to & causing these significant economic times. In addition, you should also comment on the impact of these events on the US economy and how they have shaped the business world today. Including, but not limited to, regulation, industry consolidation, financing, liquidity, consumer behavior, labor markets, global economics. What lessons have we learned from these events and what can we do to avoid future occurrences. you can use books, articles, published research papers, company articles and movies as source of information. Do not rely on one source of information. It is important to gather multiple perspectives before reaching your own conclusions.14/04/202010businessfinance