Government 2

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Government 2 12 May What are the benefits of having lifetime appointments to the Supreme Courts? The benefitof having lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court is political in principle. It is a matter of fact that the judicial branch of government in the United States is not the strongest among the three branches since it focuses mainly on upholding the Constitution, without taking any side of political ideologies. The lifetime appointments of members of the judiciary are necessary so that they will not be swayed by partisan politics during national election campaigns. This is considered prudent and wise so that a judicial member will not be influenced by the appointment power of the president. 2.) If universal health-care access becomes a reality, what will happen to hospital emergency rooms? During the 2009 US elections, Presidential Candidate Obama offered the idea of amending the healthcare coverage of the country. This proposal was intended for the creation of a health insurance exchange, which would set up a government-backed insurance system in competition with private health insurance companies. However, numerous concerned politicians debated on this topic. Republicans, on one hand, believe that implementing Obama’s suggestion would lead to an increase in government expenditures by almost $2 trillion, an overwhelming tax burden to the American citizens. Worse, it does not take any serious steps to reduce costs for the health care system. Most Democrats argued that the country is ready to apply the universal health-care, which would guarantee the poverty-stricken Americans an outright health insurance. As of 2011, the US ranks 3rd in terms of population. Promulgating Obama’s plan would lead to a decrease in mortality rate and inflation in the number of hospital patients, possibly resulting to crowded emergency rooms. Therefore, chances are the quality of service that the hospital could offer might not be sufficient for everyone. 3.) Would Americans be willing to wait several months for heart surgery, example? It is worth waiting for a heart surgery, as long as the system works. Usually, there is a system and screening before one is part of the queued list for those eligible for a heart surgery. Now, it actually depends on how the system works on moving the line. First, there are various cases of heart ailments that differ in severity. Some candidates must be upgraded along the line if their case is really dire. Secondly, the availability of organ resources needed. The availability of donated organs is also connected with those who actually need them, in which those whose cardiac ailments seriously need a transplant are also placed ahead in the line. 4.) What is creative sentencing? Do you agree with creative sentencing? Is it appropriate? Creative sentencing is a method of punishment that deviates from the normal penalty that is laid down by the laws and statues of the country. I must say that I agree with creative sentencing for the reason that it is an innovative way of penalizing lawbreakers. It does not merely send a criminal to a correctional facility to eat and sleep, instead, the judge sentences the latter to do a task to help him fully contemplate and reflect on his actions. It is therefore enforced in his mind that he must not repeat committing a crime, not only because it has a corresponding punishment under the law, but also because it is wrong and harmful to others, in one way or another. It is obvious that our country needs a new propaganda in disciplining its inhabitants, and creative sentencing serves as an effective tool in doing so.