Gospel of Mark

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When compared to other three gospels, Mark is not an appealing piece of writing. Evidently, his intention was the simple and direct narration of the events so that his gentile audience who did not have knowledge about ‘a promised messiah’ can easily comprehend the message he conveys. Mark’s is the oldest gospel, and obviously the primary sources of information for other writers like Luke, John, and Mathew. Regardless of its lacking readability, the gospel of Mark is often considered as a reliable testimony as he was very close to Peter and Paul in their mission. It contains Jesus’ parables, the miracles he performed, events like crucifixion and resurrection, and finally the mission Jesus vests upon his apostles. According to many, the final element (Mk: 16: 9-20) is an addition to the gospel of Mark probably by some editors. Mark begins the gospel hastily with the oration of John the Baptist, and this informs readers that Jesus is the heavenly messiah and son of God, fulfillment of prophesy.Gospel of Mark is one of the most important pieces of work in the New Testament for several reasons. Despite its terse prose, gospel of Mark is concrete for historical factors and clear narration of Jesus’ ministry. As a writer, Mark has clear objectives, and he gives special emphasis to certain ideas and themes throughout the book. His gospel is not a loose description of too many things, but it addresses specific theological concerns and ethical issues.Gospel of Mark contains 16 chapters among which the first 8 chapters describe his travel to the north. He preaches the word of God and performs wonders as the sign of his authority and heavenly mission. The entire first part reflects the early Christian church’s belief in Jesus as the Christ, Man, and Son of God. Throughout this part several people ask the question who Jesus is, and the answer is that Jesus heals the