Googles Human Resource Activities And Its Business Objectives

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Google has abandoned the age-old practice of simple delegation. instead, it has adopted a vigorous practice of training and developing strategically important skills of its middle-level executives. Thus, the study has established a substantially positive and dynamic correlation between the former and the latter.In the modern service industry, the role of human resource management (HRM) has been found to be invaluable in meeting the organizational objectives. By taking Google as a case study, it is projected that the needs of the service industry depicting the modern information age industry will be captured in terms of objectives within the context of HRM. In the creation of the appropriate relationship between the organizational objectives at Google and the role of the HRM function, this study makes the inference that the global status that Google occupies will give the best picture of a successful link (Verma, 2006). Therefore, the choice of Google Company for this research study was inspired by its global success in different spheres of operations as its growth trajectory illustrates. Google’s Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is said to have been formulated from a desire of the top management to harness its resource allocation policies so that positive functional synergies could be achieved. Google Company has been in existence since 1996 circa and the founders – Larry Page and Sergey Brin – have been in charge of its most critical technical operations. After 15 years of operations, the company has evolved into a gigantic multinational company (MNC) with its stakeholders spread throughout the globe. Its HRM function is influenced by the company’s global operations inspired by its rare market brand positioning unmatched by several of its rivals.