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Ethics and diversityGoogle: Managerial processes amp. Ethics and diversity Diversity plays an important role in the existence and success of the organization. At Google, the presence of the company is worldwide and people from diversified cultural back grounds and skill set are part of the team. No matter whether it is research or development, engineering or any other department, Google promotes work force diversity and provide equal chance to every individual present in the society. The workforce at Google comprises of Hispanics, Asians, Blacks and many others.(Schneiderman)The company operates according to the ethical practices and develops products that have a positive impact over the environment. There are many nonprofit organizations with which Google has alliances like Negro Management Fund and many others.Even women and minorities play an equally important rule in the management and operations of Google Corporation. There is no gender discrimination when it comes to compensation and due to effective managerial and human resource practices people are continuously striving towards success of the firm. It is the diverse perspective, intellectual curiosity which is the key driving force behind the workplace environment, profits and perks of the firm. (Editor)Some of the managerial processes that are followed at Google are to encourage everyone to share ideas, development of small and diversified teams to perform tasks and report back occasionally, user focused design and the self organization and visibility of the work force diversity. All these practices are well implemented and truly represent Google as an ethical and diversified organization worldwide. Employees and the hard core fans are considered as the best source of idea generators at Google. (Alan Eustace)ReferencesAlan Eustace, SVP, Engineering amp. Research. Diversity in Our Culture and Workplace(2012). 25 April 2012 .Editor. Diversifying the Tech Workforce. HPC wire (2011). 25 April 2012 .Schneiderman, Ron. European Job Outlook BrightIEEE (2011). 24 April 2012 .