Goodwood Park Hotel and the Management of It

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It is located in the West Sussex. Good Wood is one of the oldest hotels in England. The hotel has 94 rooms. Excellent service is what helped Good Wood to be one of the most preferred hotels in the country. There is also a good setup health club in the hotel. When the city develops the opportunities also grow with it. Major companies are showing investment interest in Portsmouth. This development necessitates the need for a conference center in the region. Since Good Wood is very much experienced in the hospitality industry the project execution is not a complex task for them.Development of management: Management has been around since the dawn of civilization. (21st-century management, 2001). In the primitive years, there were very less managers. Management functions were rest in the hands of the urban population. There were a sole supervisor and numerous workers. Those times the function of managers is only to force people to work and to monitor whether the assigned task is being completed properly. Later in the 19th century the management style got wider in scope. But the approach remained autocratic itself. By the 20th century developments in every aspect of management came into being. Concepts like Total Quality Management (TQM) emerged in this period. 21st-century management is an era of trends. The trends were mainly the results of growth in technology, competition, and economy.Management of an organization like Goodwood Park Hotel is a challenging job. The nature of the industry is one of the major reasons for that. The major feature of the industry is that there is no product produced. Instead it is the service that is delivered. Managing of service business is very challenging when compared to the management of product business. The competitive situation of the sector adds more to the basic challenges. It is also very difficult to fix a quality standard for the services unlike products.