Good Deed Report for senior managers

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Running head: GOOD DEED REPORT Good Deed Report Employees of an organization have the responsibility of completing their work on time. They have to follow the norms and the principles of the organization. They have to co-operate with the management and the other colleagues to have a peaceful work environment. The attitude of helping others and being kind to the fellow colleagues are the important qualities that an employee must possess. (Daft, 2009). Any act of kindness will not only create a healthy relationship, but will also help in the development of the organization as a whole. In the workplace, every employee must co-ordinate with the other employees so that the work will go on without any problem. If there is proper co-ordination among the employees, the team work will definitely result in building a healthy work environment. The project leader at one of the teams in my organization is kind towards his employees and his teammates. He generally lends a helping hand to the employees who find it difficult to cope up with their work. During the completion of a project, the members in the team had to work day and night. The employees worked hard to finish the project in time. Though most of them were extremely skilled, they could not manage the situation. In this situation one of the other team was also on the verge of completing their project. Since I was team leader of that project and I was not well, the team members were suffering and they were unable to manage the situation. (Daft, 2009).Note to the SupervisorThe project leader of the first team helped my team by lending them a helping hand at the time of grief. Though there were sufficient team members, they found it difficult to cope up with the situation. The project leader helped them in completing the project on the stipulated time. Though this may seem to be a minor act of kindness and assistance, the attitude of helping others is a commendable gesture. In the letter to the supervisor, I would like to include the actions taken by the project leader and his effort in assisting the team to complete the assigned task. Due to his timely help, the team to complete the task and could manage the situation in a better way. The project leader worked on both the teams, by managing his time, he could finish the projects on time. This action is beyond the call of duty of the project leader. MemoTo: Project ManagerFrom: Team MemberSubject: Recognizing the talent of the project leader. The responsibility of any project manager or leader is to assist his team members and work with them. But this person has managed to help the members of the other team and this fetched him a great name. The management must recognize his abilities and reward him accordingly. The impact of the project leader’s help is more, as the project was completed on time. If he had not helped them, the team would not have completed the project and this in turn would have affected the team leader. The project leader went through the entire details of the project and planned accordingly to complete it on time. He assigned the team members in such a way that they could co-ordinate and perform the task in a better manner. The result of this action was not only the completion of project but this fetched the team another important project. This was due to the timely action and completion of the project. The management was satisfied with the team’s performance and this led to the decision of assigning them a critical and important project. The management must acknowledge the work of the project leader and he must be duly appreciated and rewarded for his assistance. ReferenceDaft, R. (2009). Organization Theory and Design.U.S.A: Cengage Learning.