Good bye Greek

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Good bye Greek? Affiliation) The MU’s Council Leadership is a cohesive body elected by the fraternity to representtheir issues. Furthermore, the Council also aims at developing and promoting leadership abilities amongst the students. Accordingly, the leadership structure helps students with leadership qualities to have an opportunity to develop and practice their abilities within different capacities. Most importantly, the Council’s goal is to build awareness, value and respect for all people. From an academic perspective, the Body also strives to create motivation for academic excellence within the students. The Council also has a broader perspective, which is to build partnership between the school and the community with service. Ultimately, the Council’s overall spirit is creating activities for campus pride and participation.On the other hand, the MU’s Greek Leadership Council main goal is to strengthen a sense of com­mu­nity within our campus as well as foresee a perfect value founded institution. In partnership with the Greek Council, the students are in a position to strengthen their identities and as such live in harmony during their campus life.To bring order and discipline within or outside the university, both the Councils should come together and be one towards advocating for respect for each other and developing good values. The Council should have one agenda: providing a student perspective in deciding and implementing the goals as well as the initiatives of the University. The two Councils should bread the boundaries in terms of representation thus having one ideology. This ideology should aim at creating and overseeing a university with good values that provide an opportunity for both personal and professional growth.To arrive at solutions during the negotiation, both the two teams should nominate two representatives, who will take part in the negotiating process. Further, the VP should be the moderator since he will be a neutral (Kinzie amp. Kuh, 2004). Additionally, each team should come up with their own solution after which the best solution will be arrived at. Through nominating two representatives, time will be properly utilized.ReferenceKinzie, J., amp. Kuh, G. D. (2004). Going deep: Learning from campuses that share responsibility for student success. About Campus, 9(5), 2-8.