Globalizations ProView

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Socio-cultural – Pro-view supports the claim that globalization would expand people’s minds by absorbing other cultures that would make them globally competitive. Amongst these is the increased efficiency in the use of English as a second language. The anti-view is that culture is diluted and young people have been adversely affected by negative externalities like mass media from other cultures.Political/institutional – The pro-view asserts that globalization would promote greater cooperation between nations. Conversely, some nations have used the weakness of globalization to rally for their sovereignty.
E2. The unique characteristics of Palmisano’s globally integrated enterprise are that business would be able to conduct its operations in a very efficient environment since its transactions would be borderless and flexible.
E3. The new global economic order would establish countries that are gaining economic and political might such as the new Russia and the awakened giant- China. These countries are now members of the G20 along with India and Brazil. Thus, it must be recognized in the New World Order that the USA will not be as powerful as before since there are many players in the arena, yet, it would maintain a high status in terms of influence over other powerful countries. The New World Order would then recognize countries like China, which is now an economic giant, that it would play a major role in free trade agreements as well as political concessions. Slowly, the New World Order puts America in the background, yet obviously, it doesn’t mean it would not wield its power from behind.
E4. One argument that did not make sense was the relationship between welfare, unemployment, and globalization asserted by Rodnik.