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Victor Turner evolved an idea of liminality, this idea was the correlation between the vexed, non-dualistic and shifting nature of identity. Bhabha confirmed that Liminality is regarded as the influence of cosmic eddies on the routine affairs of human society, and therefore the notion of culture is not defined holistically but as enunciation. The concept proposed by Victor Turner was based upon the traditional rituals and rites of Central African community. these rituals were based upon firm and historic belief of transitions between states (Song, 2005, pp. 12). The observations marked by Turner included that the society is a victim of alienation and the wave of confusion, misinterpretation, ambiguity. and the African rituals focused upon the pre-eminence and dominance of these factors. Homi Bhabha seconded the concept of liminality proposed by Victor and has regarded it as disembodied and protean form of signification. and consequences of postcolonial condition (Song, 2005, pp. 15). (source)The theory of Hybrid Entity is applicable to the individual who has experienced pluralistic society i.e. survived in a society where two distinct cultures, traditions or religions were practised. Considering the example of a child whose parents belonged to spate and distinct cultures and religion, the exposure of two different and in some cases opposite practices will eventually place the child in a state of confusion. It has been failure of human society that it has failed to achieve consensus among its practices and belief, and it has been the ego and ignorance on the part of our society that we did not focus upon the identical aspects and opinions which could have bridged our differences. rather focus was towards the exploitation of the differences.