Global Warming Issue

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Environmental philosophy holds that human beings are the only worthy things to be subjected to environmental study. This is because they are the only people who are the custodians and the stewards of the environment. They are responsible for the preservation of the environment. Environmental philosophy also explores the importance of environmental aesthetics. Environmental philosophy also entails the knowledge of the environment discovered in environmental research. In order to avert the problems associated with global warming fossil fuel, all nations must start making use of renewable energy sources. These sources of energy include wind, biomass, and sunlight.Environmental philosophy is a section of philosophy, which relates human co-existence with the natural environment. Global warming is a phenomenon, which emanates from naturalists and scientists. This concept was developed in 1960.this was because of the fear of the aftermath of the nuclear bomb annihilations. This was also as a result of the many chemicals contained in various food webs. Additionally, the toxic pesticides found in food webs informed the establishment of the environmental philosophy. The population of the population is also contributed to the formation of this phenomenon. This is because of the effect of depletion of natural resources. The aspect of pollution is another factor, which has led to Global warming, which includes environmental degradation.Technologies associated with energy are not satisfactory in their applications thus there are environmental aspects which need to be addressed with regard to these energies (Black, 2009). This research paper sheds light on some of the effects of renewable technology. The paper also suggests appropriate and plausible remedies to these effects. However, these technologies are a source of livelihood for millions of people across the globe. This is the most environment-friendly source of energy ever known.