Global Warming Is a Huge Issue That Affects Everyone Regardless of Race or Location

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This research is being carried out to discuss what global warming is. Global warming is basically the result of too much pollution within earth’s atmosphere. The pollution causes the ozone layer to become thin. The thinning of the ozone layer allows earth’s climate to become warmer than usual. The slow increase in earth’s temperature creates an effect on earth’s resources. Global warming is said to have begun during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was a time during the 1800’s when manufacturing began to take over the world. Studies on carbon dioxide levels show that the concentration of carbon dioxide in ppmv’s has gone up by over one hundred. Many things that one may see everyday are contributors to an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The most common contributor is human transportation. Almost every type of human transportation emits carbon dioxide into the air. Planes, automobiles, trains and anything that burns fuel is a contributor to global warming. Automobiles are not the only contributor. Manufacturing plants are all over the world and can account for huge carbon dioxide emissions. An article by The New York Times explains, Eating lunch in a cafeteria can cause global warming. One may contemplate the truth of the given claim. How can eating lunch at a cafeteria cause global warming? The answer is simple. Many of the foods in a cafeteria are produced in a manufacturing facility. Manufacturing facilities create carbon dioxide. When eating foods that have been made by creating harmful gasses, one is contributing to global warming. It is obvious that for everyday life to be completed, many must contribute to global warming. For example, an evaluation of a business workers day is observed. A business man wakes up and turns on the light.