Global Success of Gores Culture

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Global Success of Gore’s CultureThe Gore culture has led to its global success. It includes an employee and customer culture that has contributed to its profit maximization. The culture has various aspects such as driving co-operation and keeping commitments to its employees and associates. It has embraced modern culture and replaced its traditional hierarchy structure to offer flexibility in employee relationships. The culture has ensured employee satisfaction that reflects increased profits. hence, top ranking the firm in the U.S. Empowering is also an attitude at Gore that motivates associates to deliver quality products. The approach ensures efficiency and uniqueness in its products. hence, acting as a competitive strategy. Gore has modified its core values to suit its different operations. It has made sure that the codes are employee friendly so that they can act as motivators. For example, one of the company’s core objectives is to ‘Make money and have fun’ (Hill and Jones 2013). The objective describes a culture that employees will have fun while conducting their money making operation, leading to the success of the firm. The Gore culture has four guiding principles that include commitment, freedom, waterline and fairness. Employee should make and keep guiding commitments that will guide them in their operations. The ‘waterline’ ensures that employees consult other associated before making decisions that they are not a 100% sure may be rational. Freedom and fairness ensure that employees share, encourage, and assist each other in gaining more knowledge about their activities. The culture also stipulates that current global competitions require firms to enhance the degree of coordination among employees in the development and production sectors (Hill and Jones 2013). Collaborative leadership and cutting-edge technology are also used as competition strategies. Firms should also adopt innovative human resources practices to ensure employee satisfaction. ReferenceHill, C., amp. Jones, G. (2013). CASE 12: Developing Global Teams to Meet 21st Century Challenges at W. L. Gore amp. Associates*. In Strategic management: An integrated approach (10th ed., pp. 680-692). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.