Global International Relations

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International relations date back to the time of Greek historians to the eras of World War and are still holding in the contemporary world. In light of this, vast means of explaining or expressing concerns over international affairs exist, such as literature (text) and which address vital emerging issues with reference to international relations theories. This student text will evaluate online literature which addressed a vital international relations issue and reveal how it relates to concepts of international relations theories.The featured issue in this case study is the Iraqi war of 2003. The war was initiated by a U.S. and U.K. led invasion force in Iraq, upon which some forces opposing the invasion joined the war to oppose the invasion, resulting in an intense war. The invasion was inspired by the U.K and U.S’s claims that Iraq under the Saddam Hussein rule was in possession of chemical weaponry capable of causing mass destruction and that Saddam was taking part in most of the terrorist attacks in the world. Including 9/11. The invaders used heavy artillery and military force to weaken and take out the Saddam administration. By the time the last U.S. convoy left Iraq in 2011, civilian deaths outnumbered tens of thousands in addition to thousands of military men casualties. Iraq was left in rubbles with only a new government to gain from the 8 years of grotesque living. The end of the war initiated the beginning of important discoveries. that Iraq had dropped its nuclear weaponry programs way back in 1991, and there was insufficient proof that Saddam Hussein was a sympathizer of terrorist acts on the globe. This has left the world wondering what the motive behind the invasion was, and why the Iraqi people had to suffer.Similarly to many other concerned political authors, Raymond Hinnebusch in 2006 published an article seeking to reveal theunderlying torments that Iraq underwent, and what this had on the perspective of world politics from an international relations perspective.