Global Human Resource Managemenet Stratgy

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The report ends with the recommendations that are very important for the new venture to incorporate in its work plan.
The report aims at delivering a recommendation report to Human Resource director of Hilton Hotels Corporation. It highlights the internal evaluation of strategies adopted by Hilton Hotels Corporation and examines requirements of a new joint venture that is planned in China. In China, Hilton Group has already established their hotels as Hilton China, but they have concentrated in entering into a joint venture with Swire Hotels in Mainland China. Thus, the report elaborates human resource requirements for the new joint venture in China.
Hospitality industry includes wide range of services like event planning, lodging, transportation and hotels. The growth in revenue in this particular sector depends on the availability of the disposable income and leisure time of the individuals. The global hospitality industry has encountered growth for the last five years due to the increase in demand for different services. The following graph indicates the trend of demand and supply in this particular industry for the last five years.
From the above figure it can be depicted that the demand for the hospitality services were much less than that of the supply of the same. The reason behind this difference in demand and supply can be stated as the decrease in disposable income of the individual globally. Disposable income is the main driver to boost revenue in this industry. The leisure time also plays an important role for governing the increase or decrease in demand for services in this sector. as with the increase in competition worldwide people have become more conscious regarding their job and thus they do not get much time to spend with their family. For example, if the hotel sector is taken into account it can be stated that with the rise in price of the hotel rooms the demand