Global Competitive Strategy at Time Warner Company

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Time Warner has its headquarters in the United States, and specifically in New York. New York City is famous for its high levels of technology. Moreover, its location in one of the most developed countries in the globe, explains why the company has proven to be highly successful. Notably, the entertainment industry emerged after technological waves, introduced industries, and progressed to transform different forms of media. From the 1950s, technology in the entertainment industry has registered immense effects. The United States is one of the leading countries that have served to integrate technology and entertainment (‘AOL Time Warner tries for diversity’ 2002, p. 60). This explains why entertainment industries in the United States have adopted the 3D technology, online media platforms, mobile phone access, and have made remarkable progress in the quality of films, music, and television content because of embracing technology. Entertainment industries in the world’s leading economists have embraced innovation and creativity and serve as an example to other countries (Bercovici 2012, p. 75). The fact that Time Warner has its headquarters in the United States means that it has access to new realms of technology that can serve to transform its business immensely.
Notably, executives of the company have identified innovation as one of the core strategies in ensuring that the company releases premium products into the market. The company’s premium products have penetrated the global market because technology has enabled the company to ensure that its content is available everywhere across the globe. Its latest innovation named TV everywhere is accessible in many parts of the globe. Moreover, the United States has the highest levels of media freedom, explaining why the company produces a diverse range of products with minimal regulation from the government. Since the Hollywood industry has been highly popularized and associated with glamour, the company benefits from accessing Hollywood actors for its films.