Global Business Plan of Garmin Global Positioning System

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The main objective before the management of Garmin Limited GPS is to expand its commercial ventures from the cities of the USA and waters of Atlantic Ocean to the highest peaks of Himalayas and K-2 as well as the entire Far East Asia, so that the people living in remote areas of the globe could take maximum benefit of the navigation and communication devices introduced by the company. It would ensure a huge profit earning for Garmin Limited through business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketing strategy. Garmin Limited has made huge business plans to be incorporated in the wonderful island of Taiwan, where there is an urgent need of such devices because of the geography and culture of the region. Mission Statement: Garmin Limited offers a wide range of high quality and economical accessories related to computer software, mobile phone, iPods and other devices to institutions, organizations, individuals and domestic consumers. Being the pioneer company in the field of IT and navigation, all the devices made by Garmin are durable, reliable and authentic ones, which are imperatively supportive for the increase of business volume and commercial profits for the companies and individuals. In addition, these devices are also beneficial for domestic users and self-employed persons. The main objective behind introducing its devices in Taiwan is covering the vacuum the country undergoes in the absence of a perfect and comprehensive IT and navigation manufacturing brand so that the maximum benefits could be reached to the end-users at very economical rates.Garmin Global Positioning System is the world famous brand that has introduced wonderful devices related to navigation and communication and hence brought revolutionary developments in the field of information technology and communications.