Global Business Environment Doing Business in Vietnam

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The economic reforms which were brought about in the 1980s, allowed some kind of substantial growth until Vietnam had to face the adversaries of the financial crisis in 1997. Vietnam is now an eminent member of World Trade Organization, where she has been able to take some progressive steps for the transformation of its present economy into an economy which will be based on the market mechanism and since then it has seen her economy growing and becoming an attractive market for investments in the international sphere. The country has emerged as a major developing country in the Asian region though it is yet to match the other stronger Asian economies like China. Nonetheless, the country is on the verge of transformation into a potentially successful economy. This report has been prepared for the CEO of the ‘Read the World’, a British origin company, that has appointed the consultancy firm for the purpose of evaluating the market for books in Vietnam if presents the threats and opportunities of operating their business that exist in the country. The report focuses on the social initiative of reading the World that functions with the aim of designing and producing educational books and magazines for the needy people in developing markets. The Economic Freedom index is actually a series where ten economic measurements have been created by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. It is stated as an objective to measure all the degree of economic freedom in the aspects worlds nations. The highest strata of economic freedom are to provide an absoluteness to the right of property in the ownership, this will be fully realized by various freedoms of movement for capital, goods, and labor.