Global Business Analysis Japan

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The research paper Global Business Analysis: Japan talks about the factors that are needed to be considered while establishing business units in Japan. Japan has a unique business culture which is still relevant in the business world. Japan is still one of the prominent economies in Asia along with China, India and South Korea. In fact, their economic growth was phenomenal even though Second World War caused huge damages to them. The hardworking Japanese people helped Japan to resurrect like a phoenix bird. In fact, Japan set many examples or they taught many lessons to the world. It should be noted that along with manmade disasters, plenty of natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruptions strike Japan periodically. Yet Japanese people showed the frustrations or dejections. They kept on pressing the pedal of hard work and the outcome is evident from the present size of the Japanese economy.
International companies looking for business opportunities in Japan should learn cultural traits of Japan properly before the entry. Culture plays a vital role in the success and failures of business. It should also be noted that international companies are currently keeping a diverse workforce as part of their business expansion strategies. Plenty of opportunities and challenges are brought by such diverse workforce in the organizational world. The services of locals are essential for an international company or American company while operating in Japan like countries.