Getting university degree through online courses

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Online Degrees Online Degrees Earning degrees through online learning continues to gain fame and recognition in the society. According to a report by Babson Research Group, more than 6.8 million college and university students were at one time part of an online class by 2011. Universities continue to emphasize on creation of full online degree courses. From the report, 62 % of the interviewed universities now offer degrees via distance education.The demand for education is among the many factors fuelling the rapid growth of online learning. The online mode of learning offers flexibility and convenience to the students. They can access learning materials from anywhere and anytime they log on to their university portals. That means parents, professionals, and sick students can attend their classes no matter their day schedules. The method also offers student enrichment. Students can interact as the online class is short of intimidation. Every student has a voice and the diverse ideas contribute to student growth. The students are also offered sufficient time to think before they can comment. The online learning method, however, has raised various concerns. Students lack face-to-face interaction with fellow classmates and instructor. They experience disconnect from the classroom environment, but universities are keen on addressing the issue. Group chats and video-conferencing are some of the initiatives the universities are using to alleviate the issue. The online degrees also offer fewer instructions and have no standards that regulate the program. Accrediting bodies have, however, been put in place to accredit and review online institutions and curriculum. Online learning has come a long way and more developments are still to come. Various advocates and bodies are finding ways to deal with the perceived shortcomings. Technological advancements continue to add value and advantages that distance learning can offer to students.ReferencesGuides, I. (2011). Guide to distance learning programs 2002 ([7th ed.). Lawrenceville, N.J.: Petersons.Babson, 2011, Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011, Babson Survey Research Group Department of Education, 2010, Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning, U.S. Department of Education