Genetic Screening DuPont

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The sentence ‘This is a very naive view’ is again a normative sentence. It does not have any proof of whether the view which is being talked about is naive or immature. Hence, again there is a case of testing the veracity of the statement. c. In this regards, the statement ‘Genetic testing is intrusive. So, the legislature has an obligation to pass laws that outlaw or at least restrict it’ is a normative sentence. This is because the statement made here is again stressing about something which ought to be (Henderson, 2011). Moreover the statement is describing one point of view i.e. ‘Genetic testing is intrusive’. On the contrary, other individuals may not find it to be intrusive. Thus, it is a statement which needs to be validated. Hence, it has been found that all the statements made above are normative statements as all the statements made above lacks proper validation and is either mentioning a statement which is ought to be or is presenting someone’s individual point of view. 2. a. In this case, the moral aspects that involved moral theories of the right were mainly identified in the form of principles, rights and duties. The right emerged in the form of the workers’ right to work in a place that is not hazardous to health. In the similar way, it is the duty of the management of the company to look after the welfare of the employees and ensure they create an environment that does not put the health of an employee into danger. Lastly, it is the principles that emerged in the form of the company’s activities to shift the workers where they can work efficiently and do not put their life into danger. b. The activities undertaken by DuPont to screen the black employees for sickle-cell anaemia and offer relocation to chemical-free areas are a sign of company’s positive stance towards fulfilling the ethical responsibilities. Another positive outcome is that the employees of the company will be satisfied with the decision of the company. c. The activities undertaken by DuPont also showcase the moral aspects and reflect fairness. The company clearly mentioned that they would not deny jobs but will offer them with the opportunity to reallocate. Moreover, these employees will be reallocated to chemical-free areas in which the chances of disease getting triggered will be minimized. Hence, it is a clear representation of fairness and justice. 3. Moral obligation is defined as an obligation arising out of the deliberations of right or wrong. However, when the obligation is considered from the ethical or moral point of view, it is often deemed as the moral duty (Josephson, 2011). Furthermore, from the ethical point of view, the moral obligations are often adjudged in terms of limiting or restraining certain activities. For example, companies impose certain rules and regulations that hinder employees to perform certain actions. In addition, moral obligations are also developed for the purpose of the company and yet restrain companies from performing certain actions. In the context of DuPont, the moral obligations suggested to them are as follows: The company is recommended to get involved in the act of charity and employee welfare. Another moral obligation of the company is to ensure the deserving candidates are not deprived of the job opportunities in DuPont.