General Awareness about the New Packaging for Beverage Company

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Consequently, the project management plan should be used as a reference for any decision made on the project and whenever clarifications are required in areas that are unclear. To this regards, the PMP should be used as a reference throughout the project implementation so as to ensure that the management of the project is carried out consistently and in line with the laid down policy and procedures. This, therefore, makes the PMP part and parcel of the project making it evolve with the progress of the project hence periodic updates with relevant information. The marketing project is aimed at replacing the existing packing which is plastic and metal packaging and is biohazard hence not safe to use with their disposal in the waters being capable of contaminating the entire system and posing a threat to both aquatic and human life. The packaging is not only environmentally friendly but also utilizes low carbon and free from ozone oxidants. To this regard, the plan involves creating general awareness about the new packaging for a beverage company by employing various strategic policies at different levels of publicity which can be defined as marketing. The assumptions made in the charter is that the whole organization is a unit that works first for internal solidarity and then utilize the unit by the standards of a division of labour to spread out and work for community-based agenda and that the entire human population is considered as a family. This leads to the assumption that the target market is a free market with free flow of information. As regards the constraints, the global recession will be considered especially with respect to the monetary issues. The purpose of the project is to create general awareness about the new packaging for Beverage Company by employing various strategic policies at different levels by making careful observations about different market circles both globally and internally, different groundbreaking analysis and strategic formulation aimed at powering the growth process more substantially.