Gender Roles and Marriage

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Many approaches that people take when handling issues in a marriage or daily life depend on biological factors that influence cognitive development and the physical factors that influence growth. In writing, authors present psychological response of characters differently. This paper compares the psychological response of character in the story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Story of An Hour and the influence of the response to normal body functions.In The Story of An Hour Mrs. Mallard had been leading a strict marriage life. The marriage relationship did not meet the expectation of Mrs. Mallard because she felt that her husband had imposed several rules in her love life thereby denying her a chance to experience love in marriage. Marriage exposes couples to various conditions that they did not imagine in their previous lives. Sometimes some couples are not able to accept the challenges they meet in marriage. This results in a lackluster relationship as experienced by Mrs. Mallard in this story.In the story, Mrs., Mallard suffered illnesses because of her marriage perceptions and conditions. Psychologically, emotional imbalances in an individual’s life influence the immune system of the body. Couples in dull marriage relationships experience a series of illnesses that occur because of dullness or a feeling of deprivation. Mrs. Mallard did not enjoy the presence of her husband. It is apparent that when she heard of her death, she overwhelmed with joy (Chopin, 2011). Breaking the death information to her was not easy, considering that she had been ill. It is arguable that emotional response to an issue is a direct interpretation of the brain. Psychologically, any information that leads to hilarious emotions is dangerous to people who are suffering from diseases such as heart disease (Delamater, 2006). Mrs. Mallard sudden change of emotions is an indication that self-imposed rules in marriage can influence the psychological or physical health of anindividual.