Gender Expectations

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It is more difficult for men to adjust to female gender roles because most of them are raised in the masculine mindset of supremacy over women. Female gender roles are to them demeaning because that was never the gender role that they were trained for. However, even if men fail in their attempt to fill in the female gender role in society, they will not be looked down upon by others because they will simply chalk it up to gender assigned training. They are not even allowed to prove that they possibly can (out)perform their male counterparts due to the fact that women use their analytical skills rather than their muscles when assigned difficult and physical tasks.
Just look at the way that men and women are treated in the office. As a successful career woman, she is held back by the idea that women are family-oriented first, career-oriented second. A woman is expected to continue to care for her family and juggle her career at the same time. Those in higher positions at the office feel that a man is best for most jobs because women tend to “take leave when the kid gets the flu.”, leaving her work office duties hanging. They fail to take into account that women are the best time managers available and that the job will always get done provided they are given a chance to prove themselves.