Geek Love

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Degradation oddities mainly lowers lofty spiritual ideal that are correspondingly transferred to the material level, sphere of the universe and body of the prevailing individual unbreakable unity. Moreover, the powerful images of humans within the novel frequently are deformed via eating, drinking, menstruating, having sex, defecating and micturating as in the case of the Binewski offspring conducts.
The physical abnormalities are conspicuous in the novel. The embracing moments of the characters of deformities revolves around assets thus depicting the interesting side of Binewskis. Despite Al and Lil resorting to the corresponding dangerous measures to offering themselves with the meal ticket depicts the high level of physical oddities in the novel, which aids in the development of the plot of the geek love (Dunn,pp 123-176). It is cumbersome to acknowledge the degree of the children’s personalities in regard to the influence by the chemicals eaten in the utero and the corresponding outcome of their abnormal upbringing. This depicts that the mental health in the Binewski family in regard to the strong suit is mainly caused by the behaviors of Arty.
The novel also opens physical oddities of the Aloysius Binewski and Lilian Hinchcliff Binewski in reminiscing about the period prior to the children implying that she prefer flinging herself into the prevailing pit and bite of the heads off of the chickens. Subsequent to the marriage there exist Fabulon circuses that Al inherits depicting the hatched strategy that mainly breed a family of the bona fide freaks. Lil consume illegal and prescriptions pills, amphetamines, insecticides, and radioisotopes. Moreover, She initially deliver to Arturo the Aqua Boy who mainly flippers for the limbs then preceded by the Electra and the Iphigenia that renowned fringed twins subsequent by the Olympia, the hunchback albino dwarf.