Gays Adopting Children

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that discloses the number of gay partners, totaling about 1 million, to have raised more than 2 million children. She emphasized that parents, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender, are good parents and want only the best for their children.
Under arguments for gay adoption, the article revealed that there are five distinct advantages ranging from: (1) the ability to give adopted children a more secure home. (2) two full time parents are more beneficial than single parents. (3) the option for artificial insemination to female gay parents have been proven to create raising well-balanced children. (4) barring gay parents from adoption is a discriminatory act. and (5) the shortage of adoptive parents make this alternative a better option than foster care system.
On the other hand, arguments against gay adoption have these following supportive statements: (1) the children’s need for role models for both sexes is not satisfied. (2) gay adoption is contrary to Christian teaching. and (3) society simply views gay parenting unconventional and wrong.
The source written by Jones, E. (2009) entitled Adoption of Children by Same Sex Couples. International Debate Education Association (IDEA) also contains information on the pros and cons of gay adoption. This could be further reviewed and incorporated with the Pros and Cons article published in The First