Funding Streams in the Health and Social Care Sector

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41000 There will be bids from consortia for approaches will be included in a wide range of client groups and innovation and sustainability beyond funding will be equally vital. A good number of evidence that may inform an evaluation of the approach will be used in supporting organization activity and are effectively self-sustaining in the long run. The proposal is supposed to be based on realistic level of resources that may help in the overall program. Evaluation of the funded program will be analyzed by the implementation group that will have the role of identifying and sharing lessons learned and the organizations that are successful in this round of bids will have the chance to learn from the operation of the program. The Program’s strategy is intended to ensure high quality, accessible advice that provides a key role in enabling informed choice and in supporting an individual’s pathway through support. On the other side, fund priorities include building the capacity of independent advice and support especially in areas where such kind of activities do not exist and addressing the support and information needs of all the user groups such as people providing care. Moreover, the fund will support the development of a range of advice and support services in relation to the relevant authorities and to evaluate the approaches taken within funded bids to support sustainability in the long run such as informing future commissioning strategies (Great Britain 2011, pp. 59-61).